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Temple Ranch



Yucca Valley /Joshua Tree

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Peace & Quiet

Stunning views on a private 5 acre estate

Sunset Boulder Views


  • Secluded, Quiet & Private Sanctuary in Western Hills, Yucca Valley

  • 1 5 min from Joshua Tree Park Entrance

  • 5 Acres of Boulders, Outside Patio Living COWBOY POOL & spa

  • Resident wildlife & Spring Blooms

  • 2 bed Cozy House with AC, kitchen, Bathroom & WIFIi

  • Festival near, - Cochella,, Bhakti, Fest Joshua Tree Music Fest

  • Cool Summer Evenings, Beautiful breezes

  • restaurants, & shopping 5 minutes drive, Yucca Valley & Joshua Tree

  • 2 1/2 hours to LA



2 bedroomed House

Outdoor living - patio & dining

spa & Cold pool with spectacular views

Our Story

Our Story

Hello Dear Guest & Adventurer

Welcome to our paradise


The Ancient Boulders are full of Wisdom. If you take the time to listen  …


Our entertainment offered is the boulders & star gazing

The song in our Great Pine tree

The rush of brother hummingbird

The wind in the chimes, 

The scuttle of the jack rabbits, lizards & all crawling critters … 

even the tiny stink bug slowly trotting along his path

And the Call of the coyotes 

As the sun goes to sleep, fire fills the sky … taken over by myriads of uncountable stars …


Speak in low tones and you will hear their 


Relax IN The NEW Cedar Wood Spa MINERAL WATER



Drink lots of water

Lest you dry up like a lizard


Tread gently upon the land


Please navigate the Boulders with extreme caution 

It is the Rattlers territory first


Our resident RoadRunner does her best to keep snakes at bay

The winds are powerful

Meditate in them

Release all that no longer serves you, just give it to the wind. Let her take it away. Trust, she will.


Please be conscientious of ALL lightweight materials too

Paper Plastic Glass

The wind will take that too and send it flying.

PLEASE retrieve your trash, with caution. ThankYou


& make sure the umbrella is down when not in use. The winds can suddenly pick up to ferocious speeds … 


We are on property but out of sight and far away

For Total Privacy book the Whole property for you alone for an extra charge

Includes the Outside *StarGazing Beds

(*Only when the weather permits)

Let the beautiful crickets be the loudest sound on the property


We understand celebration and happiness

This majesty inspires one to want to celebrate

But PLEASE keep in mind

Sound travels far here in the desert, It reverberates off the boulders …


We are all here for the mind-blowing beautiful 


It’s a gift

Give it a try


But no matter what PLEASE keep in mind

Quiet Time after 10pm


Our neighbors 

All though far from sight

Will be happy. ThankYou


Our Enchanted deck offers some shade

Please remember the SUN is STRONG here in the High desert 

Keep hydrated


When using the spa & pool 

Be kind enough to rinse your body before getting in

It helps keep the water amazing & fresh


Although we are remote & most likely you will not see a single soul here …

We still need to lock up

PLEASE when you go out

To dinner, the park for a hike in the sunset, whatever

Please make sure

*To close all windows & doors

*To turn off lights & air conditioning or heater


Conserving is appreciated 

Safety is paramount


Trust in God but tie up your horse :) so to speak


& speaking of conserving WATER

California is a heavy draught state. 

Yucca Valley is the high desert with Only 11 inches of rain a year…

We ask that you Please be conscientious of water use & waste. 

& ThankYou for that

Do Not run an empty dishwasher … 

Please turn off water while brushing teeth … 

Ponder the length of your shower 

Our planet thanks you


ThankYou for loving our Home & caring for the majestic land while you are here 

ENJOY the Love & Peace it offers


So much LOVE has gone into our home

We hope you love it as much as we do

We hope you are engulfed in the Magic 

Feel fully Enchanted

And depart rested & peaceful

All our Hearts

Tracy&Andrew & Kiki (our little spirit dog)

Spa view StarBelovedTempleRanch
StarBelovedTempleRanch Yucca Valley_Josh
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